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Hello Amanda this is a quick view about the digital impact of the

Digital Media vs Traditional Media

The main difference between digital media and traditional media is that digital media can be measured more accurately, is cheaper and scalable.

Traditional media cannot be segmented

In online media, users who do not convert on the web, can be reimpacted again via social networks. This is called across media strategy. in numbers

Only in the terms linked to the services offered by the law firm between 10 and 20 monthly new contracts can be generated. 1500 clicks and 71,000 impressions, and an average of $2.30 cost per click. These 1,500 monthly clicks can be used to enable campaigns on YouTube and increase likes and impacts on Facebook. The most important detail is to optimize the investment and refocus the residual transit to social networks. in numbers

Increase presence in social networks

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Increase presence in social networks

👉 In traditional media when your investment ends, you stop appearing in front your target audience. 👉 In the online media, when you stop investing, you stay with the impacted audience, with the data and behavior, in order to impact new users with the same profile.


The facebook account can be fed content to increase your followers (not – friends). Increase likes and use the artificial intelligence tools of facebook



The YouTube channel can be integrated into social networks. Increasing followers and viewing time to build a scalable community that generates recurring customers.

👈 With 22 videos there should be at least 200 subscribers and 2600 views.

We are Google Partners since 2009

Other views

These are some data related to your website [] that can be optimized to position new terms “long tail” (derivations of the main keywords) to position the law firm for the main terms linked to the business.

These are the [long-tails] derivations of the term “medical malpractice” searched month by month in Miami.


Domain Overview: surieltrial

Organic Search Traffic – Paid Search Traffic – Backlinks

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👉 Online advertising compared to traditional advertising builds stronger branding.
👉 The cost of online advertising is much less than that of traditional advertising.
👉 Online advertising offers the possibility of measuring “absolutely everything” and in detail segmenting the impact of each dollar.
👉 With online advertising you can segment the impact of advertising campaigns: by services, by zip code, by seasons, by behavior, by devices, etc, etc.

Hello Amanda, my name is Ferminius. I would like to book an appointment with you to show you the details of a complete Media Strategy. My team and I can help you position your Law Firm and get a solid Customers portfolio.

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